Our proposal

Vigorous businesses are able to remain focused on their target and eliminate non-value added activities. Smaller and larger organizations both struggle with inefficient processes at all levels which severely impact their earning capacity, profit margin and staff motivation.

Here are just a few of the types of "muda" (waste) that businesses incur all the time:

That list can actually be depressingly long. What we propose to you is:

Optimization of all existing resources in your company, including manpower, energy, own or borrowed funds, consumables, materials and inventory, machinery, systems and know-how


Optimization of all existing processes in your company based on in-depth strategic, operational , behavioural and statistical analysis and discovery of new opportunities


Our team

The concept of interconnectivity implies task forces with fluid limits. If by working on a given project we draw on the knowledge and experience of well-known or less well-known people we make them participate in that project. Axis Vigora uses the leverage of knowledge and applies that knowledge at its best.

Besides, we are able to secure the right human resources which the needs of our clients may demand to be part of our team, for as long as those needs require their "presence" and participation. We believe in proactive networking and are able to call the right people at the right time and with the right request.