Axis Vigora or axis of energy came to fruition in order to exploit one of the cornerstone facts in the modern Babylonian world, namely the fact that things are interconnected and merge into one another to an incredible degree. Data analytics and some neuroscience breakthroughs greatly demonstrate it.

Our main objective is to assist businesses and individuals into applying this idea in order to maximize the effect of their everyday activity by selecting the right mixture of techniques and approaches.

The giant volume and variety of information transferable at split-second speed has inevitably changed our human needs and expectations. It has irreversibly changed the nature of business as well. Traditional "specializations" nowadays are just too partial to provide working solutions: they provide only relatively good tools to reach such solutions. We need more than ever an overall 4D perspective.

Business has four determinants: its intrinsic model, the rules and logic underlying its existence and performance (D1); the human characteristics of all participants (D2); the normative requirements of the environment where it operates (D3); the cultural specifics of that environment and people involved in it (D4). See more on that here.

Axis Vigora seeks to position the axis around which a business may find its right centre of gravity.

Our goal consists not just in analyzing the multiple sides and layers of your business but rather in finding unexpected isomorphisms and ensuring that you cook with the right ingredients and in the right proportions.